Division 8: Doors & Frames:

Commercial doors, frames and hardware. Fire rated, special equipment, lining, ADA retrofit.

Types of Doors:

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Specialty (lead lined, copper, etc.)

 Door Hardware: 

  • Panic Hardware
  • Hinges
  • Lock cylinders and keys
  • Lock and Latch Sets
  • Closers
  • ADA retrofits


Division 9: Millworks

BBC operates its own in-house commercial cabinet shop to suite your needs.

 Types of Millworks:

  • "Built-in" room elements (bookcases, entertainment centers, etc.)
  • Cabinetry
  • Custom millworks projects including WilsonArt laminate cabinets.


Design/Build: At BBC, we work directly with project owners from the point of conception, to the completion of their project. We assist them in architecture, engineering, value engineering, and run their projects on time, and on budget.

  • In house architect for all needs.
  • Civil and structural engineers on hand.
  • In house estimating department will work with the owners to meet your budget by value engineering.

Tenant improvements

Thinking of opening a business in a leases space? Look no further, with our own teams in house, we can speed the process up, so that your new business opens sooner and begins generating revue on time. 

  • Shell completions.
  • Minor building modifications
  • Signage and custom cabinetry.